Join Our Team

Pledge your support to the The Kentucky-Indiana Super Spokes on their journey to the 2017 National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Each summer, Veterans from across the United States, including a team from Great Britain, travel to a new community hosting the NVWG. During the week, Veterans compete in 18 wheelchair sports events while providing encouragement and mentoring for new Veterans. Veterans at the Games truly educate newly disabled Veterans on what is possible and those witnessing the events realize that limitations are only a state of mind.

Participation in the games is not just a one-week experience.  It empowers Veterans to be more active and healthy in their daily lives by getting them involved in sports and recreation programs highlighting fitness, social networking, and community involvement. Sports and recreation reinforce critical values necessary for health while combating the risk of isolation, depression, and other factors associated with health. That is what the Games are about!

Costs per athlete top $3000 per athlete , including travel, training, equipment, coaching and caregiver support for veterans that require assistance to travel.   Your donation provides a life changing experience for our most seriously injured heroes, sending them on a journey that will impact the rest of their life.  The National Veterans Wheelchair Games opens a doors to a new life and your support is the key.





Meet The Team

Richard Raley
Westfield, IN

Marcus Murray
Indianapolis, IN

Zach Nelson
Noblesville, Indiana

Steve Miller
Olmstead, Kentucky

Jeremiah Lucas
Rineyville, Kentucky

Damon Slaughter
New Albany, IN

Leslie Safeski
Louisville, Kentucky