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KIPVA | Paralyzed Veterans of America

Hardship Assistance

Hardship is defined as a condition that is difficult to endure or something that causes suffering.

As a member veteran, if you are facing a personal hardship, the Kentucky – Indiana Chapter is here to assist you.  Although a hardship request can be for any need, some common requests include:

  • Financial Issues
  • Home Modification
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Housing/Food/Supplies

 The Hardship Program seeks to fulfill the KIPVA mission by filling the gaps sometimes found in VA benefits, serving as a safety net in times of difficulty or providing a need that is unavailable from other sources.

 If you are experiencing difficulty, please reach out to us.  We are here to help!

 Contact Us for a Hardship Application


Important Information

All hardship grants are provided for the benefit and use of a KIPVA member/veteran only.  Applicants must be a KIPVA member and may be subject to a background check.

 All grant requests are referred to the Hardship Committee for consideration.  The KIPVA President may approve emergency grants of less than $500 only when there is immediate concern for the health and or safety.

 The Hardship Committee uses the following criteria when considering a grant request: 

  • Are KIPVA funds available?
  • Does the request meet the definition of a hardship?
  • Is this request covered by an existing VA benefit or private program?
  • Is the need documented?  Along with financial information, this might include bills, receipts, and statements from a health care provider, therapist, social worker, employer or other source.
  • Is additional information needed?  For example:  home modification plans, therapist assessment, etc.
  • Is outside help needed? Could part of the request be filled with donated labor or goods?  Is a contractor needed?  Is training needed?
  • Is additional assistance needed for long-term benefit?

The Hardship Committee reserves the right to request additional information or documentation, based on the nature of the request. 

KIPVASmall Request = Big Results

KIPVA member, Wendall currently lives in the Thompson-Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore, KY and is separated from his family. We recently received a small hardship request from Wendall.  He asked for a telephone and laptop computer that would allow him to communicate with his family using software provided by the VA.  It was a request that KIPVA was able to grant. Now Wendall is able to stay in close contact with his loving family.  He has even attended a KIPVA Picnic, outing to Keeneland, and a tuck race at Kentucky Speedway. We are looking forward to seeing more of Wendall in the future.