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KIPVA | Paralyzed Veterans of America


Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) conducts research studies for a better understanding of spinal cord dysfunction. PVA is one of the largest private supporters of spinal cord research in the United States. Some areas of investigation are: medical and clinical care, psychological adjustment, technology and devices to aid the disabled; and basic research through a cure for spinal cord injury. KIPVA donates funds each year to help support this program.

Paralyzed Veterans of America Research Foundation


In addition, KIPVA supports spinal cord research programs at Kentucky & Indiana Universities:

The University of Kentucky

The University of Louisville

Indiana University

Purdue University


Pioneering Research in Louisville, KY

Researchers from the University of Louisville has allowed four men to movemove their legs with the aid of a device that electrically stimulates the spinal cord.

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