We are forever grateful for the caregivers that provide so much love and service to our injured Veterans.  They are the unseen heroes that are still in the trenches every day.  New in 2021, KIPVA has developed caregiver grants that will assist our members with needs that are not covered by the VA Caregiver Program.  The following grant programs are available annually, subject to the availability of budgeted funds.

Caregiver Grants

If you do not qualify for caregiver assistance through the VA, KIPVA offers the following assistance for members in need of a caregiver.

Emergency/Temporary CareUp to $2500 in a calendar year.
Emergency or temporary funding for a caregiver is available for members when a family/friend caregiver is unavailable due to illness, surgery, or another emergency situation.  Funds are also available for members that have a demonstrated temporary need that does not qualify for VA caregiver or home nursing assistance.

Respite CareUp to $1000 Annually
Respite care funding will be available to provide for a caregiver to be hired temporarily to offer a vacation or leave to an unpaid family caregiver if the VA denies respite or other care. VA benefits must be exhausted prior to receiving KIPVA Caregiver Grant funds.

Travel Attendant/Caregiver/Assistant – Up to $1500 Annually
Travel attendant funding will be available for members that need assistance traveling overnight from their home, either for chapter events or programs or for personal reasons.  

Online Application

For more information on caregiver resources, visit the Paralyzed Veterans of America Caregiver Page