Safe and reliable transportation is a primary need for wheelchair users and it can be incredibly expensive.  Although many Veterans qualify for VA assistance, not all do and sometimes it does not cover all expenses.  In 2021, KIPVA launched a new transportation assistance program.  The following grants are on hand, subject to budgeted, available funds.

Vehicle Repairs or Modification
Grant available up to $1000 every 2 years. For vans/vehicles with less than 60,000 miles.

Down Payment Assistance
Grant available up to $2000 every 5 years.  For vans/vehicles with less than 40,000 miles. 

Grants are for personal use vehicles for the KIPVA member only. All VA benefits related to vehicle funding must be exhausted or can be used in conjunction with this grant.  If you have questions about transportation grants, call the KIPVA office at 502-635-6539.

Online Grant Application